Celebrant Regency Ministries will give you a ceremony that is designed and created to meet your family’s needs, wishes and beliefs.

The focus is very much on celebrating the life of your loved one who has passed away and matches the character, life and beliefs of your loved one, providing you with the type of funeral service that you want.

We call it a ‘bespoke’ service because we tailor make the ceremony to your exact needs and wants, reflecting and celebrating the beauty of their life.

mariashriver.com forever in my heartYou can have a religious service or a humanist service or you can combine hymns and prayers with favourite poetry and CD music.

Whatever you decide I will help you create the most meaningful and dignified funeral service befitting your loved one thus ensuring you have the funeral service that you want .

One of the unique and personalised aspects of a funeral service conducted by Celebrant Regency Ministries is that I will keep you constantly invloved in the creation of the service following the initial meeting.

Through the use of email, a draft version of the entire service – including the eulogy/tribute- will be sent to you normally within 24 hours of our initial meeting.

This means that you can change and personalise the funeral in any way you see fit and can even make changes right up until the night before the service. Now YOU decide the words and the general tone of the funeral celebration but I will assist you.

During bereavement, it is comforting to have experienced and qualified people to help you through the funeral process. Celebrant Regency Ministries offers personalised, compassionate and dignified funeral services and, will ensure this final act of love, will help you express your affections and final farewells.

I will make sure that all the special moments in your loved one’s life are captured and cherished on the day of the funeral thus making it truly one of Life’s Moments Made Remarkable.